Get the message through

Vocals are an essential part of the vast majority of todays music. Vocals also plays an important role in movies, commercials, TV-shows and games. Clarity and expression of vocals is the key to getting your message across, which is why you should never loose sight of this absolutely most important focus-point during production. We have encountered endless examples of sound productions which, due to lack of vocal presence, left the listener in confusion about the musical, emotional or intellectual message. The reasons for poor vocal presence can be many - everything from wrong casting to poor arranging, recording, mixing and mastering can contribute to the problem. However, this can be avoided by taking these factors very seriously all through the planning and production phase. Everybody gets that positive sensation when a vocal stands just right in the mix. Be sure that your vocals do.



Example of poor vocal production.

Lack of clarity and expression ruins the singers really nice work

Example of same performance . But this time with a musical and respectful production approach adding clarity and presence.