Sound generates attention and emotion - Sound is half the movie

If you're in the bussines of making movies, commercials, documentarys or consol games, you know how important sound is to your end product. Studies around TV viewing reveal that just around 50% of all people exposed to TV-commercials don't actually watch the commercial.......they hear it. This, among other reasons, is why the sound alone should be able to catch attention and spure a longing for more.

We have, as well as the capabillity to compose and produce after specific taste and wishes, a long tradition of sparing and brainstorming with our customers in the initial phase of a project. So if you are uncertain or hesitant about your end result, we strongly advice you to bring us in at the very early stages of your production. It will not cost you more, and our experience is that the quality of the finished product will rise along with its value.