Control your space

Uncontrolled venue

Treated venue

The sonic properties of a venue, an office or a living space affects your well being as well as your capacity to deal with sound in that specific environment. Transparancy and musical clarity can only be achieved if you are in control of all those unwanted frequencies bouncing of the hard surfaces that constitutes your room. Some rooms are easy on the ear, and some rooms are a downright sonic nightmare.  Roomsize, materials, wall placement, furniture, listening position and a lot of other parameters can present you with a real challenge if you need to hear what is actually leaving your speakers, and not something which has been severely distortet and twisted before it reaches your ears. And if your concern is about as many people as possible in the audience being able to enjoy quality sound, the challenge is even bigger. Many minor problems can of course be dealt with at the mixer, but as in many of lifes little problems, this one is also most effectively corrected at the root.

A room that has been acoustically trimmed for the purpose is always a joy to visit........for the musicians, the engineer and the audience.

We know exactly how to make your room easy on the ears.