Restoration and repair 

Sometimes you're stuck with a recording that precisely captures the vibe, the atmosphere or the wanted musical expression......but sound quality or noiselevels just  gets in the way. Of course when this is the case, we cannot make miracles, but under the right circumstances we can get you a long way toward a crisper sound. Very often we can remove those unwanted frequenzies and enhance the parts of the spectrum that holds the music, vocals or sounds you are looking for. However, a recording can be bad in a variety of ways, which is why it is necessary to treat every single restoration on its own premisses. Feel free to drop us your recordings in our mailbox anytime, and we will quickly send you a feedback on the possibillities.  

Mastering music and scores is the icing on the cake. Without skillfull mastering of your audio, you will have a hard time getting your productions past the notorious 10 second attention span from any listener. Mastering however, is not an easy task.  It can in a dramatic way enhance your mix, and really make it stand out from the competition. Or, if done poorly, it can actually squash and muddle your music beyond recognition. To master the proces of mastering the engineer has to have a variety of skills. Musicality and deep insight in  frequenzies and dynamics is needed, as well as knowledge on how to make best use of todays mastering tools. You are welcome to send us your recordings by mail, and we will quickly get back to you with a comment and a suggestion for the mastering of your sounds.

Listen to an example of restored sound. The customer was very frustrated about the quality of this voiceover. Luckily we could help. The recording switches between unrestored - restored. You will not be in doubt :)

Listen to an example of some mastered music.

You wil notice that frequenzy- and dynamic areas has been treated in a musical way to create coherence, clarity and egality in the mix.